Food Action Plan

Healthy People

Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns.

Goal 1: Increase the quality of food available to all residents (fresh, local, and diverse)

Goal 2: Encourage healthy food choices though education and outreach

Goal 3: Leverage schools to teach and model healthy connections with the food system.

Goal 4: Strengthen emergency food systems and disaster preparedness

Healthy Economy

Advocate for economic growth development efforts which increase food system business opportunities.

Goal 1: Position food and agriculture of all kinds and sizes as a job creating economic growth engine

Goal 2: Engage with regional and statewide food system initiatives

Goal 3: Support economic development growth efforts that increase employment in all sectors to reduce demand for food assistance programs

Goal 4: Encourage food system careers

Healthy Environment

Support the development of a more diverse local food and transportation system.

Goal 1: Strengthen local planning to support the viability of local farms and the conservation of production resources

Goal 2: Build closer connections between producers and consumers

Goal 3: Improve the capacity of local transportation systems to support better and more access to local food systems.