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To reach out to the MVEDD office:

Stephen Smith: (315) 866-4671

To reach out to your local office: 

Stephen Clarke:  (607) 282-3003 ext. 1731

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From Farm Credit East:

For more information:  Farm Credit East

Grants Report from Farm Credit East

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Watershed Agricultural Council:

For more information:  Watershed Agricultural Council

To reach out to the Watershed Agricultural Council:

(607) 865-7090 or

To reach out to NY Farm Vitality Institute:

Aileen Randolph:  (315) 453-3823

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From New York Farm Vitality Institute:

For more information:  NY Farm Vitality Institute

To reach out to NYS about this program:

David Behm:  (518) 485-7729

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From NYS Farmland Protection Implementation Grant Program:

For more information: NYS Farmland Protection

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From Bassett Health and the John May Farm Safety Fund:

For more information: Farm Safety Fund

To reach out to Bassett Healthcare about this program:

NYCAMH:  (607) 547-6023

To reach out to the local USDA office:

Herkimer & Oneida Counties:  (315) 736-3316 Ext 4

Fulton, Montgomery, Otsego, & Schoharie: 

(518) 295-8600 ext 4

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USDA Grants & Opportunities

For more information: USDA AMS Page

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From Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education:

For more information: Northeast SARE

To reach out to Northeast SARE about this program:

NE SARE(802) 651-8335

To reach out to the NE Dairy Business Innovation Center:

Phone: (802) 522-2252 


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NE Dairy Business Innovation Center Grants & Resources:

For more information: Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center

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American Farmland Trust Brighter Future Program:

For more information: American Farmland Trust

To reach out to the NY Office of American Farmland Trust:

Phone: (518) 581-0078


To reach out to the Fruit Guys:


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NE Dairy Business Innovation Center Grants & Resources:

For more information:  the Fruit Guys

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Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT):

For more information: FACT

To reach out to the FACT:

Phone: (773) 525-4952


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New York State Department of  Agriculture & Market Grant Opportunities

For more information:  Department of Ag & Market 

NYS Barn Tax Credit:

Through NYS Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation:

For more information: NYS Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation

To reach out to NYS Parks and Recreation:

Phone: (518) 237-8643

Additional Information:

Federal Barn Tax Credit

Administered by the National Park Service in conjunction with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program offers a 20% federal tax credit for qualified rehabilitation expenses. Property owners across the country have already used these tax incentives to rehabilitate a wide range of historic barns. 

For more information:  Federal Tax Credits for Historic Barn Rehabilitation